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Brideshead Revisited Companion

Back in 1999 an authoritative and fascinating Brideshead Revisited resource appeared online, titled The Brideshead Companion, by Mr David Cliffe. This was hosted at and I would often cross reference with this site whenever I read Evelyn Waugh's sublime novel. In 2016, the ISP 'EE', who took over from Freeserve, deleted all extant webspaces under the Freeserve banner, resulting in the Brideshead Companion being removed from the internet. There had been no activity on the site since 2007. Considering the value of this resource, I have endeavoured to reproduce it here so that Mr Cliffe's work can be viewed by other readers of Brideshead Revisited. All written content is the work of Mr David Cliffe; I have limited my input to reformatting, rectifying formatting and typographic errors, and replacing hyperlinks with images embedded in the text: internet speed and bandwidth is less of a concern today than the dial-up times of 1999! Oth

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